The Girl of the Far Future

This dress wouldn't have been out of place at an awards show in the '80s, or even today. So I'll give Ralph Moni credit for an accurate prediction.

New York Daily News - Mar 10, 1939

MISS OF 19??
Ralph Moni, noted dress designer, made this gown for Helen Meyer to show his idea of the girl of the far future at the Midwest Beauty Trades Show. Charles Book then did his stuff. . . he's a New York hairdress expert. . . and capped Helen with the "futuristic" coiffure.
     Posted By: Alex - Mon Oct 25, 2021
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It looks like the designer took a couple garbage bags and a cellophane roll in the meat department of a grocery store to dress his model. It also looks like something a supermodel could wear at a fashion show in Milan.
Posted by Yudith on 10/31/21 at 05:44 AM
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