Goat coughs up diamond ring

And the only thing my cat coughs up is hairballs...

The White Plains Journal News - June 9, 1984

There's a few more details about the diamond-coughing goat here.
     Posted By: Alex - Tue Nov 01, 2016
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Put a lump of coal into the goat and see if it could do that again!
Posted by KDP on 11/01/16 at 10:36 AM
If it keeps doing that i'll be really impressed.
Posted by crc on 11/01/16 at 03:18 PM
Our first cat once coughed up a small bunny ear and left it on my wife's pillow. I laughed when she told me about it, and she said I wouldn't be laughing if it had been on my pillow. I told her that if that had happened, I would have just left it there and switched my pillow with hers.
Posted by Fritz G on 11/02/16 at 06:25 AM
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