Happy Hotpoint

Even eventual superstars had to start somewhere.

At the age of 17, Mary Tyler Moore aspired to be a dancer. She started her career as "Happy Hotpoint", a tiny elf dancing on Hotpoint appliances in TV commercials during the 1950s series Ozzie and Harriet.[9] She appeared in 39 TV commercials in five days, ultimately earning about $6,000 from her first job.[10] Her time as "Happy Hotpoint" ended when it became difficult to conceal her pregnancy in the dancing elf costume.[9]
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I'm sure '5 days' is a typo. Otherwise her not-showing to showing transition must be the fastest ever.
Posted by Bmn on 12/22/13 at 12:54 PM
Fun to find out how the famous got that way.
Posted by Tyrusguy on 12/22/13 at 02:09 PM
Interestingly, her first big break after that was the show "Richard Diamond, Private Detective", where she played Sam, Diamond's secretary, in season three.

Viewers only heard Sam's voice, and saw her legs, as she was only filmed from the waist down to give an air of 'mystery',

Sam might have been the inspiration for The Power Puff Girls 'Ms. Sara Bellum'. the Mayor's secretary. Her face was never shown onscreen except for a brief glimpse in 'The Powerpuff Girls Rule!', The tenth season special and series end.

In case you're curious, you can see her face here:
Posted by Captain DaFt on 12/22/13 at 03:06 PM
My guess is she got the gig, they shot all the commercials for that season in one swell foop, and then she was pregnant when it came time to shoot the commercials for the next season.

I liked her a lot as Laura, less as the snooty newsie, and came to despise her hypocrisy (she campaigned heavily to stop medical use of animals while using animal-derived medication to stay alive).
Posted by Phideaux on 12/22/13 at 03:20 PM
I was paying attention to the dish-washer. The overcoat killed it!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 12/23/13 at 12:40 AM

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