How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Carnegie Hall has a page about this famous joke:

For such a famous joke, its origins remain a mystery. Some have hypothesized that it came from vaudeville, but the earliest known written accounts are from the mid-1950s, which might suggest Borscht Belt humor from the Catskills resorts popular at the time. One of the early published versions, though not the first, came in a 1955 collection of jokes by Random House founder Bennett Cerf.

Carnegie Hall archivist Gino Francesconi says that the best version he’s heard involved violinist Mischa Elman. As the story goes, Elman was walking from Carnegie Hall toward his hotel following a rehearsal. He wasn’t happy with his playing and had his head down. Two tourists who saw his violin case asked him the question. Without looking up, he replied, “Practice.”

“He was impish enough and known for his sense of humor to come up with it,” says Francesconi.

They also sent a camera team out to ask New Yorkers how to get to Carnegie Hall:

source: Luis Dias

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John Entwistle knew the formula:

"I gotta give up my day job
To become a heartthrob
I may go far if I smash my guitar"
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