Indoor Fishing

Not a new idea.

Source of 1931 article.

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Jul 01, 2018
     Category: Sports | Fish

I thought you were supposed to put them in a barrel and shoot them.
Posted by Virtual on 07/01/18 at 10:43 AM
Wow, fishing without the annoyance of mosquitoes, handling icky bait, no slimy guts to remove. Where's the fun in that?
Posted by KDP on 07/01/18 at 01:59 PM
The only indoor "fishing" I've done is with a Radica Bass Fishin' handheld electronic game. I purchased it in 1996 just to see what it was like, and it actually felt like I was reeling in a fish when I got one on the "line". I still have it. I came across it by accident while looking for something else a few weeks ago, put fresh batteries in, and it still works like new. Real fishing was a regular part of my life while I was growing up, with two rivers within walking and biking distance. I also fished off of two long piers jutting out into Lake Michigan which were just over a mile from our home. This article brought back many good memories about growing up in the 50's.
Posted by Fritz G on 07/02/18 at 06:34 AM
Our Chicago suburb did this for about five years in the late 1960's, using our swimming pool after summer was over. Not unusual, but a fad.
Posted by Therese z on 07/03/18 at 08:29 PM

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