iSerenity offers "a relaxing web-based experience that delivers soothing sounds and images designed to reduce stress and calm nerves. Use iSerenity while at work or at home. You can even leave it running in the background while you work on your computer."

Nice idea, but their Library Lullaby sounds like it was recorded inside a parking structure. Pencil Parade would drive me insane in minutes; and why would anyone want to relax to Vacuum Vibrations?
     Posted By: Alex - Mon Nov 24, 2008
     Category: Boredom

Serenity now...serenity now.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 11/24/08 at 08:31 AM
"Why would anyone want to relax to Vacuum Vibrations?"

Hmm... I wonder. Do we have any stories on record here about someone humping a vacuum cleaner? Can we cross-reference the names of buyers of Vacuum Vibrations for matches?
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 11/24/08 at 09:07 AM
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