Joe Wardle’s Emergency Landing

This photo illustrates the more likely intersection of plane and car. But in 1952 a certain Joe Wardle got lucky.

     Posted By: Paul - Mon Dec 09, 2019
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This took place in 1952. The truck in your photo is newer than that.
Posted by crc on 12/09/19 at 10:06 AM
MIDLAND, Texas (KTXS) - A small plane has crashed in a parking lot in Midland.

It landed on a GMC pickup, crushing the roof and windshield.

Samantha Baeza was at work and saw the plane falling to the ground after its parachute deployed.
Friday, October 12th 2018
Posted by berthelsdorf on 12/09/19 at 11:05 AM
Sorry about any confusion, CRC. As I thought my opening comment made clear, the illo was just generic, for a typical plane-auto collision, and not specific to 1952.
Posted by Paul on 12/09/19 at 11:17 AM
Yeah, Paul, if I would have read that part...
Posted by crc on 12/09/19 at 02:01 PM
Any landing you can walk away from ...
Posted by KDP on 12/09/19 at 06:12 PM
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