Kiddie Treadmills

Those tykes today! if they're not wearing Baby High Heels, they're improving their lung capacity like little Wall Street "Masters of the Universe" on special kiddie treadmills. Read all about the craze here.
     Posted By: Paul - Thu Sep 18, 2008
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How about we try getting our kids out from in front of the television, take away the video games, and kick them out the front door like our parents did us?? I remember playing outside all day during the summer, only coming in when the street lights came on. And I'm only 30! What in the world has happened in the past 20 years that we now need exercise equipment for children??? Things haven't changed in my house. My kids are always playing with their friends or outside running around with the dog. TV is a privilege, not a right.
Posted by KW in Dallas, TX on 09/18/08 at 11:06 AM
Definitely NOT Amish. Maybe just raised differently? I don't know.
Posted by KW in Dallas, TX on 09/18/08 at 11:27 AM
KW--you describe my childhood exactly. Toss in the building of forts, and you've got kiddie paradise.
Posted by Paul on 09/18/08 at 12:04 PM
I totally forgot about forts, Paul! Forts, scavenger hunts, freeze tag, hide and seek! Those were some good times!
Posted by KW in Dallas, TX on 09/18/08 at 12:22 PM
KW -- I had the same sort of childhood. Good memories!

Matt -- excellent idea. I think many of us as adults could benefit from that as well (especially me!).
Posted by BikerPuppy on 09/18/08 at 12:27 PM
KW--and danger. Let's not forget a fair amount of unsupervised danger.
Posted by Paul on 09/18/08 at 12:28 PM
Matt--I'm liking that SOYLENT GREEN scenario.....
Posted by Paul on 09/18/08 at 12:29 PM
Paul - Danger and injuries! A severed finger was just duct taped back on and you were sent back outside and told to stop your whining! *sigh* I WISH for the good old days!
Posted by KW in Dallas, TX on 09/18/08 at 12:30 PM
KW/Paul/BikerPuppy - I second (third, fourth?) those childhood memories! Our yard backed up to a wildlife preserve a few miles long so we were always running around in the woods unsupervised. Hiking, building forts, occassionally getting lost, but always outside all day. Not to mention riding our bikes endlessly around the streets we lived on, and to our friends houses 5 miles away. "Mom, can I go to Amber's house?" "Sure hon, how are you getting there 'cause I'm not driving you" lots of conversations like that.
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 09/18/08 at 12:42 PM
Sardines was the best, anyone ever play sardines? Not exactly the most active game, but tons of fun. It's reverse hide-and-go-seek. One person hides, everyone seeks. When you find the person you hide with them - the last person to find everyone hides the next time. The most fun comes when you hide in a spot that wont exactly fit everyone and you end up with arms & legs sticking out all over the place.
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 09/18/08 at 12:56 PM
Will these treadmills fit in their cages? Uh, rooms...I mean, rooms...yeah.
Posted by DC on 09/18/08 at 01:00 PM
We used to play Red Rover until someone got hurt. Someone always got hurt. That's the point of the game, right? And we rode our bikes (sans helmets) from morning til night, pretending they were our horses, our spaceships, or our motorcycles. We rode as far as the city pool in the summer, and came home at dusk (right about time to go out and catch lightning bugs and put them in jars). <sigh> I miss those days.
Posted by BikerPuppy on 09/18/08 at 03:26 PM
Yes, yes, yes! A deck of cards clothes-pinned to the spokes of our bicycle wheels. A summer-long purple lip stain from the Kool-Aid that was handed out to us from the "scream" door. Let's just hope no one comes up with the idea for the tots to compete with each other on the treadmills, wearing their little high heels.
Posted by lostinthevalleygirl on 09/18/08 at 06:24 PM
lostinthevalleygirl--it's plain you have not surrendered your childhood sense of excitement!
Posted by Paul on 09/19/08 at 10:58 AM
BikerPuppy--another idyllic childhood....
Posted by Paul on 09/19/08 at 10:58 AM
Jules--I wish we had known about "sardines" when I was a kid....
Posted by Paul on 09/19/08 at 10:59 AM
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