Last Week in Weird (August 25, 2014)

Last Week in Weird
datelines 8/15/2014--8/23/2014 (this week, in 1 Part)
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The Money Fact that teaches South Carolina’s fascination with rehabbing domestic-violent relationships (i.e., with few exceptions, men beat down women): (1) Maximum penalty, first offense, 30 days; beating a dog, though, maximum, first offense, 5 yrs. (2) State Sen. Tom Corbin’s solution to domestic violence: “There needs to be a lot more love for Jesus [to] curb a lot of violence.”

Rene Lima-Marin, sentenced in 2000 to 98 yrs in prison in Colorado for crimes that sound worth about 10 yrs’ max, was mistakenly released after 8, lived productively and in plain sight for 6 yrs, then the error was discovered. They dragged him back in, with a new release date of 2104.

“Herbert O,” 54, willingly embraced mega-embarrassment (wife, testifying in court: “I’m sorry, darling, but your penis is too short to hang out of your trousers”) (“willingly” because a woman had accused him of flashing her, and this was his best defense). (The judge says he wants photo evidence.)

Meet Rolf Buchholz, a German with the Guinness Book record for most body piercings. (You can either click the link or take Yr Editor’s word for it that Rolf makes Danny Trejo look like Brad Pitt.) They won’t let him into the United Arab Emirates because of over-piercing--either that or because of his implanted forehead horns. (Bonus: In Hampden, Mass., the vowel-intensive Mr. Caius Veiovis, 33, is preparing for trial with a similar burden, striving for reasonable doubt that he is a vicious triple murderer. Horns!)

The local council in the north London town of Barnet cracked down on a landlord, who after two yrs’ warning, was still offering to rent out an apartment that could only be entered by crawling through a dog-door-type opening (well, almost--28 inches’ clearance). (Bonus: London hipsters still showed interest in the place.)

Chutzpah! So a car with three people hit a man, leaving him bleeding, then drove over him 3x in an effort to dislodge his caught-clothing from the axle, then split, but neighborhood surveillance video capture the driver yelling at the victim, “Look what you did to my car!”

Incorrigible: N’awlins judge Yolanda King is already under indictment for lying on her election papers about where she actually lives, but, reported the Times-Picayune, when she filed papers last week for re-election, she swore to three different addresses on three forms. She was confused, said a member of her entourage.

Even America may not be ready for the new reality TV show Sex Box (but then that’s what everyone said about [fill in any of a couple dozen shows]. Rundown: Couple has sex in a box (on stage, but obscured), then emerge, pre-cigarette, to discuss their feelings with a panel of Simon Cowell wannabes. America still has several months to prepare before it debuts on the We cable channel.

A Human Zoo! The town of Te Kuiti, New Zealand (on the North Island, south of Hamilton), is too small for spending on a new municipal building, apparently. Thus, the waiting room for everyone booked for any crime or any regulatory violation is a large, open-air barred pen--ideal for people-watching.

     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Aug 25, 2014

South Carolina - It's a conundrum why many women don't see the correlation between "dangerous", "exciting", "outlaw" and "wife beater", "drunk", "adulterer".

Barnet tiny apartment - If people are willing to pay, why not let them?

Yolanda King will probably be re-elected.

It's cable, why is the sex box obscured?

Rolf Buchholz and Caius Veiovis - you make choices in life. Deal with the consequences. You dress to make people think you are satanic or a thug and then complain when people do.
Posted by RobK on 08/26/14 at 11:37 AM
South Carolina- Obviously they value dogs over women down there. Are you really all that surprised?

90 yrs- He'd have gotten less time for murder. It seems unfair to me.

small time- Why can't you flash with a small dick?

car- Whatever else they do, this guy should lose his license permanently.

sex in a box- Nobody will protest it unless they have gay couples on too. Then the homophobes will lose their minds.

zoo- Sign displayed- DO NOT FEED THE FELONS. Will there be a misdemeanor petting zoo?
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 08/26/14 at 08:55 PM
I doubt that anyone that thinks homosexuality is a sin will be watching sexbox (at least openly).

Wonder how many people value their pets over other people?
Posted by RobK on 08/27/14 at 11:02 AM
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