Lords of Lightning

Four million volts harnessed for our entertainment.

All the fun from Ulster. Who thought Northern Ireland could be so cool!!

Electrifying. (Sorry.)
     Posted By: gdanea - Sun Nov 11, 2012
     Category: ShowBiz

I sparked to this clip right away but the electricity I first felt ran out of juice after a minute or so.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 11/12/12 at 02:02 AM
There's some guys called 'ArcAttack' that have this beat. They do something similar, except they actually use the electrical arcs to play the music itself! By controlling the power of the arc they are able to control the sound that arc emits, so they are actually playing the tune with the Tesla coil! Its very cool.
(google search for 'doctor who theme tesla coil' and you'll find the video.)
Posted by razor on 11/12/12 at 07:56 AM
"Sweet Home Alabama" - Musical Tesla Coils

-Cougar :{)
Posted by Cougar Allen on 11/12/12 at 10:11 AM
That's all fun & games, but for serious tesla coil action, you need <a >Survival Research Labs</a>. I saw them in Seattle on one of their rare exhibits outside SF; they gave out earplugs going into the show, which involved tesla coils, pulsejets, and flamethrowers. It was nearly deafening *with* the earplugs; I can't imagine it without them.

Ah, fun times.
Posted by Eric on 11/13/12 at 02:51 AM
Watch This

Damn, I wonder if he heard me. ERIC!!!!!! HAY!!!! DID YOU HEAR ME?

Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 11/13/12 at 02:57 AM
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