Matchstick Violins

If you've got a lot of extra matchsticks lying around (and maybe some toothpicks as well), why not make a violin? Here's a description of how O.L. Reames of Michigan did it (source: The Battle Creek Enquirer - July 22, 1951):

His first step was to build a block about three-fourths of an inch thick from matchsticks. The block measured about the size of a violin and was built patiently, stick by stick, in criss-crossing layers.

Then it was cut to the shape of a violin and arched, a technical process done with arch gauges to assure the proper slope to the front of the instrument. After working down the front of the violin and graduating it correctly in the inside, it was ready to tune.

When the fiddle sounded a perfect G, Mr. Reames knew he was on the right track.

He then constructed the back of toothpicks, following the same procedure. The ribs, or sides, were made to a metal form and were glued to the back. The neck was constructed of toothpicks.

Reames was not the only guy to ever make a matchstick violin. A number of them have been created over the years. For instance, a Polish bricklayer, Jan Gwizdz, made one in 1937, and it was actually played in concert in 2014. In the video below, skip to about 4½ minutes in to see the violinist start playing.

The violin of Jan Gwizdz

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Another Michigander used a similar technique to make a violin out of toothpicks back in 1951. Here's the link: made of toothpicks&f=false
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I liked the advert about making your own "Stradivarius."
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