Meshes of the Afternoon

     Posted By: Paul - Fri Dec 09, 2022
     Category: Death | Movies | Surrealism | 1940s

Too dark-surreal for me today, but the Brits seem to like it. Voted the 16th greatest film of all time, according to the British Film Institute, per Wikipedia.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 12/09/22 at 12:53 PM
@Virtual: I don't think Brits like it any more than other people. The ones who like it are those few Brits who are members of the voting committee of the BFI. In other words, the Brits in general like this film about as much as they would like to live or work in the winners of the Pritzker Prize - which is, not at all.
Posted by Richard Bos on 12/10/22 at 09:14 AM
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