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Michael Reed, 50, tried an armed robbery of Eddie's Fried Chicken in Fort Worth, Tex., with the "armed" part being a tree branch. An employee, 56, grabbed a broom and dueled him down. The aristocrats! Dallas Morning News
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Dec 22, 2008

Please tell me there's a video of this duel!
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 12/22/08 at 08:26 AM
What a rip, it doesn't say what kind of branch he was using. I can't get an accurate mental image without that info. Was it a straight pine limb? A knarled oak branch? Hickory switch? If there is not a video, I suggest a re-enactment.
Posted by Matt in Florida on 12/22/08 at 09:41 AM
I think if someone tried to rob me with a stick I would pass out from laughing at him.
Posted by AGFH on 12/22/08 at 09:47 AM
Matt, I challenge you to a reenactment. I'll meet you in TX. Consider the gauntlet thrown.
Posted by BikerPuppy on 12/22/08 at 11:29 AM
I'm already looking for a suitable tree branch!
Posted by Matt in Florida on 12/22/08 at 12:10 PM
Matt and I will.
Posted by BikerPuppy on 12/22/08 at 02:04 PM
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