Milka Moo

Introduced in 1948, the "Milka Moo" toy cow had a rubber udder that, when squeezed, would squirt out real milk.

It was one of the many inventions of Beulah Louise Henry (aka Lady Edison). Her inventions made her rich, but she was considered a bit of an eccentric. She lived in New York hotels along with "three sizeable live turtles, a dozen tropical fish, a school of snails and other flora and fauna."

Des Moines Register - Mar 14, 1948

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Dec 5, 1948

The Indianapolis Star - Aug 21, 1948

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"Charles" Edison?

Over the years I quizzed my nephews about where foodstuffs came from. (They were at that age where they knew everything and adults knew nothing.) The older one insisted that chicken nuggets were grown at McDonald's. The younger, when I was starting to prepare and bake bread, insisted that he knew everything to do that. When I told him to tell me how to start, he said, "First you get some dough..." I couldn't resist and asked him where to get the dough - did I have to get it from a underground mine or did it grow on a tree? He started to cry as he reluctantly admitted that he did not know the first thing about it after all.
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