Most Glamorous Chassis of 1957

I see Paul's Miss Brake Special of 1951, and raise him Most Glamorous Chassis of 1957, a title awarded to Hollywood star Debra Paget.

Actually, this seems to be another example of the weird thematic synchronicity that we've mentioned before. Having worked on this blog together now for over a decade, the minds of Paul and I seem to have achieved a state of spooky quantum entanglement, in which, without any coordination at all, and separated by a distance of over 3000 miles, we will independently focus on similar subjects at the same time. So, as Paul was preparing his post about Miss Brake Special, I was simultaneously researching a post about Most Glamorous Chassis. I almost posted it yesterday.

Opelousas Daily World - Apr 11, 1957

Anyway, wikipedia notes that in 1957 Paget was at the peak of her career, considered an A-list star, having appeared in The Ten Commandments and headlined Love Me Tender with Elvis Presley. But beginning in 1957 "Paget's career began to decline." Could it be mere coincidence that this was also the year she accepted the title of "Most Glamorous Chassis"?

Although what is arguably Paget's most famous performance was still before her — her snake dance scene in Fritz Lang's The Indian Tomb (1959). Wikipedia says that the scene was "risque (for the time)." I think it's still risque even for 2020.

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jan 25, 2020
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Hey, she is covered up according to looser European film standards. There was no Hays Office dictating morals in the overseas markets.

That scene looks like it came from a deteriorated print - lots of jumps as if many splices were made.
Posted by KDP on 01/25/20 at 11:14 AM
Haven't heard about this movie in years but ran across the same scene last week in a tv discussion forum.

A smoother clip, with better close-ups of the $2 sock puppet snake, is at:
Posted by Phideaux on 01/25/20 at 02:04 PM
Thanks for that link, Phideaux! I just swapped out the one I had originally embedded with that version.
Posted by Alex on 01/25/20 at 05:48 PM
It makes sense to me, Alex. Quantum mechanics fits well into the Weird Universe.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 01/26/20 at 02:26 PM
Phideaux, they spent so much on bronzer to make Northern European actors look like South Asians that they only had $2 left for the snake. That also explains the old man pants: if your pants are several inches above your waist, there's less exposed torso that needs bronzer.
Posted by ges on 01/26/20 at 10:23 PM
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