Muskogee Stomp Dance

The level of ritual fervor seems decidedly low here. Also, lack of vintage garb is rather incongruous. All in all, I suspect, a pale shadow of what once was a vital artform.
     Posted By: Paul - Sat May 30, 2015
     Category: Costumes and Masks | Regionalism | Dance | Native Americans

Mexican Hat Dance prototype.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/30/15 at 10:26 AM
It reminds me of movies showing convicts getting their exercise in European prisons.
Posted by Phred22 on 05/30/15 at 03:43 PM
As far as any dance: I believe it is woman kind's wish to make their men look foolish.
Posted by BMN on 05/31/15 at 02:54 PM

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