Mystery Gadget 47

What is going on here? Find out at this link.

Or after the jump.
     Posted By: Paul - Mon Apr 17, 2017
     Category: Technology | 1920s

Huh. I was right. How did that happen???
Posted by TheCannyScot on 04/17/17 at 07:20 AM
So, it's not a sewing machine for extremely fine work?
Posted by KDP on 04/17/17 at 08:35 AM
As soon as I saw that card printer, I thought it might be a primitive lie detector.
Posted by Fritz G on 04/17/17 at 08:43 AM
I thought lie detector, too. Although, the picture with the seated subject makes it look like it could double as an electric chair.
Posted by Virtual on 04/17/17 at 09:59 AM
Finally I got one of these exactly right.
Posted by Steve E. on 04/17/17 at 02:04 PM
Lie detectors in films still look like the successor to this one, that's why I guessed it, too.
Posted by Richard Bos on 04/19/17 at 11:55 AM

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