Name That List, #1

Jincy Willett, one of my favorite writers (who just came out with a new book, The Writing Class), offers an interesting puzzle. The challenge is to identify this list. Googling is cheating.
  • The spur of cheese.
  • The mustard-pot of penance.
  • The cobbled shoe of humility.
  • The furred cat of the Solicitors and Attorneys.
  • The Teeth-chatter or Gum-didder of Lubberly Lusks.
  • The Ape’s Paternoster.
  • The Fat Belly of the Presidents.
  • The Merciless Cormorant, by Hoxinidno the Jew.

Jincy doesn't give the answer, and neither will I. Leave your guesses in the comments.

(Of course, the real challenge is to see how long before you break down and google. Took me about a minute.)
     Posted By: Alex - Mon Jul 07, 2008
     Category: Literature | Quizzes | Name That List

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