The North Dakota Zap-In, 1969

May 1969: Responding to a suggestion in the North Dakota State University paper that students "Zip to Zap" to stage a "Zap-In" in Zap, North Dakota (population: 300), 3000 young people descended on the town. The Zap-In soon descended into chaos, prompting the mayor to summon the National Guard to remove the students.

According to wikipedia, the event was "the only official riot in the history of North Dakota that was put down by the National Guard."

More info: Minot Daily News

Bismarck Tribune - May 10, 1969

Bismarck Tribune - Aug 7, 1969

Students gather around the bonfire built in the middle of Zap's Main Street
source: North Dakota Digital Horizons

The National Guard in Zap
source: North Dakota Historical Society

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