According to wikipedia:

a drink made primarily of reconstituted tomato juice concentrate and seasoned beef broth, with added vitamins and iron. Nutrimato was produced beginning in 1972 by the Duffy-Mott company in California and discontinued in 1975.

Nutrimato would have been a good name for a robot. Not so much for a juice drink.

Green Bay Press Gazette - Nov 8, 1972

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Nov 05, 2018
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I don't recall ever seeing this in the grocers at the time. I have / had a bottle of this as a powdered concentrate made by Knorr. It's not bad as long as you don't use too much when mixing it. Use just enough to flavor the water, not so much as to make a soup.
Posted by KDP on 11/05/18 at 08:18 PM
KDP: but then you have tomato juice... yuck. Tomatoes are fine in a sauce, but tomato juice? No. Tomatoes need that texture. Even tomato soup is pushing it, for me.

And no, you may not add vodka and call it a Bloody Mary. Although at least the rot-gut won't be wasted more than it already was.
Posted by Richard Bos on 11/10/18 at 04:05 AM
In Canada you can get MOTT'S Clamato which is clam and tomato. YUCK ~~ on it's own. The only reason for its existence is t o make a Bloody Caesar which is a tastier version of a Bloody Mary.
Posted by BMN on 11/10/18 at 06:45 AM
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