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A letter carrier is frightened by a neighborhood dog. Mail delivery is stopped for the block the dog is on until the situation is resolved. Fair enough, but of course that is not the whole story, or it would not have found its way here. The frightening dog was a chihuahua and letters were delivered to the neighborhood during the 3 day mail cessation identifying the name and address of the owner of the dog to the entire neighborhood. The family gave their little dog away and now that the letter carrier feels safe mail delivery has resumed. Oh and the same people have a pit bull but there has been no complaint about that dog.

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     Posted By: patty - Thu Jul 14, 2011

The little dog ran circles around the letter carrier and then went home. The letter carrier is a dick. Just my opinion.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 07/14/11 at 11:44 PM
A long time ago in a world far away I used to have a Yorkshire Terrier, one of the toy breeds. Pound for pound that was one of the meanest S O B's I have ever known. Don't underestimate the terror factor just based on size.
Posted by yogi in Kennesaw GA on 07/15/11 at 01:18 AM
A real American mailman would have maced that little rat-dog and gone back to work. Back in the day, I saw our mailman kick the crap out of dogs. And if the owner complained, that was tough.
Posted by Dave Hanford on 07/15/11 at 01:38 AM
That, Dave, was "back in the day" when justice still could be found. In this uber-correct age I could see a massive law suit being waged against the post office, the carrier, his supervisor, and 14 other people that had nothing to do with it if the letter carrier (I looked at the article to see if I could use "mailman") kicked, stomped or even yelled at the mutt.

Don't get me wrong, I think the post office over reacted but at least they didn't go postal on the pup.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/15/11 at 04:42 AM
There was some disagreement on whether the dog was 'sicced' on the letter carrier or if it got loose. Either way, stomp your foot and clap your hands and a chihuahua will run. There was no call to stop delivery to the entire neighborhood and then encourage trouble by telling the neighbors it was the Whosits at 123 W. Main who's dog caused the problem. These people had a pit bull and the little one, wanna bet the neighbors thought it was the pit that upset the LC? Not only that, but someone went down that 'dangerous' street to deliver the notification letters but could not drop the mail. Any way you cut it, whether the family were being assholes or not, the LC was being an idiot as was whomever decided to send the letter.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 07/16/11 at 12:28 AM
You do not have to stand and let a dog that size bite you. Mail carriers wear shoes and socks so are somewhat protected. The word punt comes to mind. Damned if I'd let someone's ankle biter get me if they sicced it on me. Shutting down mail service was done as revenge not for safety and the way the notification was handled was totally unacceptable. Also, they jury is still out on whether or not the dog was sicced on the person, that is a disputed version. Perhaps the improved vocabulary in this comment better conveys my thoughts on the issue.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 07/20/11 at 12:09 AM
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