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and the Afternoon Edition of Chuck's News of the Weird Daily for Friday

Leicester University researchers learned by brain probes that when you recognize a celebrity or landmark, it means that there's a specific cell up there for each ID, like, you may have a "Jennifer Aniston cell," or, I guess, a "Carrot Top cell." Daily Mail

Massachusetts state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson, who's been suspected of cutting corners on all sorts of things for years, was arrested on federal bribery-type charges, caught on video (the prosecutor says) stuffing a $1k payout into her bra. Boston Herald

Your house cat chasing its tail in circles? Break out the Prozac. Dogs and cats do the same OCD things that humans do. MSNBC

A cop directing traffic at an all-day rock concert in a Dallas suburb had his truck stolen at the scene, but fortunately the redneck's escape route took him right past the traffic-director. Dallas Morning News [with guilt-confirming mugshot]

If you're rich and have a horrible phobia (such as of being buried alive), you can address the fear creatively, like building yourself a crypt with food, fresh air, water, and a TV so that if they do make a mistake, you'll survive. Wall Street Journal

Undignified Deaths: A 54-yr-old, longtime "aquaholic" OD'd with a garden faucet (Newbury, England), and an armed robbery suspect accidentally crashed his getaway bicycle, fatally rupturing an artery (Fresno, Calif.). Daily Mail /// KSEE-TV (Fresno)

Today's Newsrangers: Sandy Pearlman, Mark Neunder, Bill Wheeler, Candy Clouston, Sam Gaines, Kurt Knochel, Tom Barker, Brendan Brady, Scott Langill, Ken Berkun (and lots 'n' lots who sent in the cop-directing-traffic story)
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