Pneumonia Blouse

In the early twentieth century, women began wearing low-necked, gauzy blouses. Conservative critics branded them "pneumonia blouses" — warning that they would cause the women wearing them to catch pneumonia.

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Example of a pneumonia blouse
Source: Holly Vogue Vintage

I often see young women out and about, dressed completely inappropriately for the cold weather, suffering for the sake of fashion. So the spirit of the pneumonia blouse seems to be alive and well, if not the specific style.

Victorian to Vamp: Women's Clothing 1900-1929, by Paula Jean Darnell

University Daily Kansan - Mar 18, 1920

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Feb 05, 2022
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A possible benefit of Covid is that it has helped a few billion people understand that we don't catch a virus because we feel cold.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 02/05/22 at 11:01 AM
Maybe these ladies wore sweaters if it was chilly out? At any rate, these blouses would make more sense in the warmer weather than wearing multiple layers of heave clothing. Back in the day, heatstroke from being overdressed was very common in the summer months.
Posted by Brian on 02/06/22 at 05:37 PM
Brian, that's exactly what Professor Hill was saying. Plus, the wide collar would make it easier to breathe. However, they still need to work on the transparency of the fabric, which would make the women wear uncomfortable girdles or the dreadful tank top with bra.
Posted by Yudith on 02/10/22 at 08:12 PM
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