Potato Perfume

Created as a gimmick by the Idaho Potato Commission. Already out of stock.

Formulated from essential oils and distilled Idaho Potatoes, this fragrance embodies the irresistible essence of potatoes from Idaho.

More info: Idaho Potato Commission, Instagram, upi.com

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Feb 16, 2022
     Category: Food | Perfume and Cologne and Other Scents

Distilled potatoes....so it´s vodka?
Posted by F.U.D in Stockholm on 02/16/22 at 08:43 AM
The essential oil here being canola
Posted by crc on 02/16/22 at 11:07 AM
Fried AND stewed potatoes?
Posted by Teri on 02/16/22 at 11:52 PM
Um, no, F.U.D. I think a fermentation step is needed to get to vodka. But, at $1.89 / bottle, there could well be people trying to drink it.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 02/17/22 at 10:26 AM
There has to be some alcohol base for the perfume, so... it's a French Fry perfume in a vodka base! WANNA!
Posted by Yudith on 02/17/22 at 07:34 PM
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