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For that special Halloween party that no one will ever, ever forget.

50 Most Extraordinary Churches of the World

Wedding Dress Dissolves in Water




for patty: Zoo Babies
     Posted By: Professor Music - Fri May 21, 2010

Halloween If the price ever gets down to affordable by Joe Sixpack the cops in Dummbutt, WVA are going to be working overtime at the trailer parks.

Wedding Dress And to round out our bride's ensemble on her special day are beer flavored eatable panties.

Zoo Babies #23 is so far past ugly (s)he's the pick of the litter.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/22/10 at 12:31 AM
Thank you for the link to the churches. I had never seen some of them before and they are awe inspiring 😊
Posted by Nethie on 05/22/10 at 03:14 AM
the zoo babies are great prof!thanks sweetie. 💋

halloween- too gruesome, i couldn't look at it everyday. 'bones' makes me cringe.

churches- those are awsome. very impressive.

wedding dresses- they are supposed to be keepsakes. the industry would love it if every single bride had to buy one, no reuse means more sales.

lookalikes- some are striking, other comparisons say more about the person comparing the celebs than the celebs.

really great links prof, you're the best!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 05/22/10 at 09:21 AM
I bet every guy at the reception would "accidentally" be spilling their drink on the brides dress in the same spots if it didn't rain 😝
Posted by ANON in Nowhere on 05/22/10 at 10:28 AM
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