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Hotel door-hangers collected (*cough*stolen?*cough*) by his Grandfather

Photos of stuck-together Tic-Tacs

Welcome to the Hay in Art Database!


Since you "Weerdos" enjoyed 'Cheese, or Font?', your Professor of WeirdLinkology cheerfully submits the following:

Band Name, or Font?

'Star Trek' character, or erectile-dysfunction pill?

New Fragrance, or Soap-Opera character?

'Ben & Jerry's' flavor, or Pottery Barn paint color?

'Harry Potter' character, or hideous skin disease?

Apollo astronaut who walked on the Moon, or Lesser-Known Pro Golfer?

NSFW >> Pornstar, or Potato?


The Contiguous United States visualized by distance to the nearest McDonald's

A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Just in time for 2010, a Calendar - Pets made to look like rock stars

Insect sushi: (photos) (recipes)
     Posted By: Professor Music - Sun Oct 11, 2009

Tic-Tacs I don't get it. Did the dude send the photos in for a refund?

Pets made to look like rock stars So, the paper's editor's 6 year old got hold of his computer and viola! an artist is born!

<bug> I'm safe! I don't like soy beans either.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 10/12/09 at 12:02 AM
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