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Still no cure for cancer -- I'm sorry, I have to go debug the toilet . . .
[for those who want to 'Tweet' about . . . . everything . . . in their life]

The Japanese have a wonderful relationship with their manholes.

Even if your pet is not one of the World's Richest, they can still fly First Class.
     Posted By: Professor Music - Tue May 26, 2009

Toilet: Yes, he has too much free time. But it's still damned funny.

Manholes: Oh, those are very neat. I'd like to see that idea over here, our manholes are so boring.

Pets: There are any number of benefits to owning a pet, but ultimately, it's still just a pet. Seems ridiculous, in my opinion, to go to these lengths for any animal when there are people starving/homeless all over the world. Take the $149.00 you were going to spend to fly Fido to Florida and donate it to a charity instead.
Posted by Nethie on 05/26/09 at 10:58 PM
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