A sad day in juicing

Juicero, the company that made a $700 wi-fi connected juicer (also called the Juicero) that squeezed packs of pre-cut fruits and veggies, has permanently shut its doors. We've posted previously about this company here and here.

This closure comes even though the company had recently dropped the price of its machines from $700 to $400. For some reason, there just wasn't enough demand.

Could this have been because of reports that you didn't actually need the juicer? You could squeeze the juice packs by hand just as quickly. Surely not. After all, as the CEO pointed out, the Juicero also scanned the QR code on the juice pack which let it know if a juice pack had expired. This saved users the trouble of having to read the expiration date printed on the packs.

Also, the company wouldn't sell anyone the juice packs unless they had previously bought the machine.

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Sep 02, 2017
     Category: Business | Products

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