Sitting and Smiling

Benjamin Bennett has currently uploaded 84 videos to YouTube. They all share the exact same premise. In each video he sits in front of the camera and smiles — for four hours.

His unwavering adherence to the concept has, by now, earned him status as a minor Internet celebrity. (And what higher goal can one really seek in life than to be famous online?)

His most popular video is Sitting and Smiling #5 (below), because this includes a brief moment of drama. In Bennett's own words:

About 2.5 hours into the webcast, I hear someone come into the house, which is odd, because my only housemate is at work, and we aren't expecting anyone. I realize I didn't check to see if the doors were locked before starting the webcast. I hear the person stealthily moving around the house, and then I hear them stealthily climbing the stairs, towards my room. My door opens, and I hear an unfamiliar male voice say "Hello?". Then, after presumably seeing me sitting still and smiling in front of a camera, lit from beneath by a florescent bulb, he promptly descends the stairs and exits the house.

You can see this happen at 2:36:30.

As it turns out, the doors were locked, and he had broken one open. We found nothing missing, as there is not really anything of value in the house other than the laptop I was using to webcast.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun May 17, 2015
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Didn't we do this nut before? Or.. did I run into him somewhere else??
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/17/15 at 10:37 AM
Tomorrow is our 24th wedding anniversary. I'm sure if I want the Mrs will be sitting on my smile :red:
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 05/17/15 at 04:20 PM
This guy is in serious need of a actual life. Perhaps he is into a new form of webcast Zen. Does it find him on line friends or more important, will it get him real sex?
Posted by Gator Guy on 05/17/15 at 08:56 PM
There can't possibly be a following, if that's all he does. Right? I would go insane if I tried this for one four hour video. That's way too long sitting around, doing nothing.

Still, gotta give props for sticking to his theme when a complete stranger breaks into his home and opens the door. I'm sure most people would have had a normal response. You know - freak out (possibly chase the intruder out), likely call the police, and share the story with friends afterwards. That's what I would have done. But not this guy. Weird...

Also, did you know he has donations set up on his website? So, if he does actually receive money. Then he really does get paid to sit around and do nothing. Something to think about.
Posted by A Normal Guy on 05/17/15 at 11:49 PM
I can't even imagine the life of the people who would watch this for for four hours and pay to get more?
Posted by BMN on 05/18/15 at 12:43 AM
Expat, I mentioned this in comments the other week.
Posted by dumbledoor on 05/18/15 at 06:15 AM
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