Some Updates, Some Bat-Comforting

and the Afternoon Edition of Chuck's News of the Weird Daily for Monday

The plot thickens (from Friday's post) on Hawaii de-licensed chiropractor/landlord Daniel Cunningham, accused of experimenting on his lowly tenants. He wears socks on his hands and says he's entitled to experiment because if there's a law against it, it must've been passed by "aliens," who by the way are "eating people." KITV (Honolulu)

More Updates: Father Elvis (from Friday) has indeed now been suspended, and the Vietnam bureaucrats (from Thursday) have quashed that idea about small-chested people not being allowed on minibikes. WCBS-TV /// Agence France-Presse

Dispossessed homeowner June Reyno, not going quietly, chained herself to her foreclosed home. (On the other hand, it's her 8th house foreclosure; she was a player.) KNSD-TV (San Diego)

Wisconsin inmate David Delvalle, who has a longstanding habit of wheeling goods out of stores without stopping at the checkout, won 200k in a charity raffle. Journal Sentinel

Britain's Ministry of Defense, remodeling some barracks that had become a haven for bats, took extra care to remodel the bats' quarters, too! BBC News

Chutzpah! U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, convicted by a jury last week and the verdict OK'd by the judge, nonetheless denied in a TV debate at home that he had been "convicted" (in that, IHHO, the jury got it wrong). (Stevens is a Harvard law graduate, but his expertise lies in other areas, notably, the Internet, which of course is a series of tubes.) CNN

Professor Music's Weird Link o' the Day
Since I don't have an archive for the Professor's work, I feel free to resurrect from time to time some of his most inexplicable findings of the past. Like this, for instance: the Bob Dylan paperdoll page, where you can "dress" Bob in a couple of outfits.

Today's Newsrangers: Matthew Taylor, Candy Clouston, Peggy Dees, Thomas Wyman
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