Special Chinese Kid’s Book

Who could resist spending $57.40 plus $10.00 shipping for a book with this description:

Turtle with a small purple alien friend scientific expedition. Crossing the Sea like Crossing the Sea two stories travel the world. Little Turtle purple alien with friends explore the ocean together. they saw the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. but dangerous whale is near! Little purple alien turtles have a friend who has a cool graduated spaceship! Spaceship. turtles and small purple alien friends a series of scientific adventures. They leap into space. understanding the mystery of the eight planets; they cross the center of the earth. after a dangerous volcanoes . But not all smooth sailing expedition. when they go to sea. but accidentally be swallowed into the stomach.

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     Posted By: Paul - Fri Dec 02, 2016
     Category: Confusion, Misunderstanding, and Incomprehension | Books | Asia | Mistranslations

Try reading this after you've eaten dreamfish.
Posted by Virtual on 12/02/16 at 11:45 AM
This reminds me that with holiday approach, what will I Christmas of this year present?
Posted by KDP on 12/02/16 at 02:01 PM
You can find more of those silly misinterpreted / badly-translated items at http://www.engrish.com
Posted by Greg on 12/03/16 at 06:27 AM
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