Spit On Me, Dickie!

Dickie Rock (born 1936) was an Irish singer whose career peaked in 1966 when he sang for Ireland in the Eurovision song contest. Wikipedia only has a brief article about him. However, the article includes this intriguing nugget of weirdness:

In 1966, he sang for Ireland in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest with the song, "Come Back to Stay". He entered as a solo artist and finished fourth in the Contest. This song also became a number one hit in Ireland. Rock was the subject of a well-known Irish catchphrase—"spit on me Dickie", the origin of this being that rebellious young women in the 1960s wanted to be covered in his saliva in a manner similar to American women idolising the hips of Elvis. The phrase took off in Belfast in the 1960s and spread all over Ireland.

This raises the issue of spit fetishes. Dr. Mark Griffiths offers these observations about spit fetishes on his blog:
The online Urantia Book claims that (historically) saliva was a potent fetish. Apparently, "devils could be driven out by spitting on a person" and "for an elder or superior to spit on one was the highest compliment"...

much of the online literature on spitting fetishes (as opposed to saliva fetishes) appears to be rooted in BDSM and is usually referred to as 'spitting domination'. The dominant partner may spit into their submissive partner's face and/or mouth. The submissive partner may also be forced to swallow the liquid spit if their mouth is spat into. Many of the online articles about spitting fetishes see parallels between the act of spitting and the act of ejaculation – particularly in relation to 'facials' (i.e., the act of men ejaculating onto someone's face) and the practice of bukkake (i.e., the act of many men simultaneously ejaculating onto someone's face and/or body)...

Compared to all other paraphilic and fetishistic behaviours concerning sexual arousal to human bodily fluids, there is significantly less written about saliva and spitting fetishes. Whether academic and/or clinical research is needed is – at present – debatable.

So based on what Dr. Griffiths says, perhaps the desire of young women for Dickie to spit on them was related to their desire for him to ejaculate on them. It would make sense. Especially with a name like Dickie!

Here's Dickie singing "Come Back To Stay":
Update: The original video I posted got pulled from youtube, so here's another one -- a documentary about Dickie Rock:

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Since then the "European Song Contest" has expanded outside of Europe, rarely has much to do about "songs", and is more involved with getting text-message votes for $1.50 each!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/08/12 at 12:53 AM
'Spit on me'? GROSS!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/08/12 at 05:40 AM
Dickie Rock? Even the name drips with innuendo.

Alex, the link for this specific video didn't work as of 2/8/2012 at 0845. A quick trip to YouTube gave the same message about copyright problems. I did play other examples to get an impression of the artist.
Posted by KDP on 02/08/12 at 09:48 AM
There are too many possible puns for me to comment with a straight face,KDP adding innuendo to the mix only made it worse!!
Posted by Tyrusguy on 02/08/12 at 10:05 AM
He does have a good voice though!
Posted by Tyrusguy on 02/08/12 at 10:08 AM
I thought this was something that a Wikipedia contributor made up, but there really does seem to be some connection between Dickie Rock and "spit on me Dickie."

He's not exactly handsome, is he? I wonder why so many girls went crazy for him.
Posted by ges on 02/08/12 at 12:02 PM
Back in the day everyone didn't expect surgically attained perfection. Decent looks, talent and personality did the trick just fine.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/08/12 at 07:02 PM
Exactly, patty. I hold up as examples Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdink.
Posted by KDP on 02/09/12 at 10:31 AM
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