Square Pants

Patented in 1970 by Harold Koenig of Miami, Florida.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Jul 05, 2020
     Category: Fashion | 1970s

Jeez. And I thought regular bell bottoms back then were weird. Think of each panel in a different pastel color. :sick:
Posted by eddi on 07/05/20 at 08:45 PM
The inspiration for Spongebob?
Posted by ges on 07/05/20 at 10:06 PM
So... I guess they were made of plywood?
Posted by Brian on 07/06/20 at 09:12 AM
On the plus side, it looks like they would keep you standing straight if you were very drunk.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 07/06/20 at 11:50 AM
One of my favorite pairs of pants in the early 70s was made of thick, really soft cotton (not denim), and it was all 4" squares (take a piece of fabric; well away from the edge, fold it over and then mostly back (so a side view looks like an "S"), and stitch through the three layers, so you've formed a ridge. Repeat at 4" intervals across the width and then down the length. Then make pants out of it). Never before or since have I seen its like or the technique.used for something else.

Sadly, they were pure white. My daughter was at an age when she was eager to help with everything because that meant she was a big girl. She knew you always use bleach when washing whites, but she didn't know about the one-cup-per-washer-load thing, and there was more than enough because she had to open a fresh half-gallon jug . . .
Posted by Phideaux on 07/06/20 at 02:03 PM
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