Superman Blowup

The, ah..... um... ah... action starts around the 2:20 mark.

     Posted By: Expat47 - Tue Apr 24, 2012
     Category: Boredom

He wants to be a human parade float.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 04/24/12 at 08:14 AM
That just makes me want to run up with a sharp object and stick it to him. That ought to make him really fly!
Posted by KDP on 04/24/12 at 10:11 AM
Wow, Superman has really let himself go! I wonder if he's depressed or something...
Posted by Malk on 04/25/12 at 01:23 AM
Well, at least I know exactly how many minutes and seconds of my life I wasted on this... presumably the, um, the guy in the suit has wasted many more hours dreaming this up and making it a reality... to steal 5 minutes and 13 seconds from each and every one of us.
Posted by Mike on 05/02/12 at 03:33 PM
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