President swallows wasp

A few days ago, a wasp flew into the mouth of Luis Guillermo Solis, the president of Costa Rica, while he was outside speaking to reporters. Solis swallowed it. Then he declared (in Spanish), "I ate it. I ate the wasp." More info at

I'd like to see more politicians gulping insects out of the air like frogs as they speak. It would improve political oratory immensely.

The event also recalled that classic unscripted moment during Raiders of the Lost Ark when a fly appeared to crawl into the mouth of Paul Freeman, who was playing the character of the archaeologist Belloq. Although according to this site, the fly didn't really crawl into his mouth. The film editors, as a joke, took out a few frames to make it look as if the fly entered his mouth.

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jun 21, 2017
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May he could learn to enjoy "gagh."
Posted by KDP on 06/21/17 at 03:15 PM
President Solis did NOT swallow a wasp. he swallowed a bee. I farm here and use these tiny bees called "culo de buey". The name mean's oxes butthole and comes from the shape of the hive opening which resembles an ox's anus area.This is a stingless variety so Don Solis was not stung. The bees are also thought to make their honey from excrement and so is not collected. Anyway, the bee is identifiable from the way that it's legs hang behind it in the air as it hovers in front of the President's mouth. The warmth of his breath is attracting the bee. Also many Ticos call bees with the same word used to identify wasps, "avispa".
Posted by Ape Man on 06/21/17 at 08:38 PM
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