The Arts: Surrealism

I am a big fan of the arts, and Dali and the Surrealist movement in particular. There is a small collection of surreal artwork by various artists on Photobucket, as well as good collections at BEINART and (Due to possible copyright infringement, I will not post any artwork on this site)
     Posted By: fyshstyxx - Sun May 31, 2009
     Category: Art | Surrealism

Why is it that most of those works of art had some kind of weird eyeball thing going on? Big eyes, tiny eyes, multiple eyes, eyes crying, eyes in places they shouldn't be... Seems to be the formula for a surrealist piece of art is one animal with a unique feature plus some kind of nature gone wrong divided by the number of eyeballs in the image. Toss in a musical instrument for some flavor and some wacky colors. Sell it to a collector for an obscene sum.
Posted by Nethie on 06/01/09 at 01:57 AM
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