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Why are the skies of 2015 not filled with coleopters?
     Posted By: Paul - Sun Apr 26, 2015
     Category: Flight | Technology | 1950s

The plans & diagrams pulled out of Nazi safes after the end of WWII lead to what we're flying in today! That supercritical airfoil on all the big birds dates from back then. The Osprey and even an elliptical, rotating wing was in the works.

This little gizmo, however, had to have been a dead (no pun here) end.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 04/26/15 at 09:32 AM
Not to belabor the obvious, but landing one of these things (or *any* tail-sitter design) is a stone-cold bitch. You can't see where you're going, and you can't really tell when you've actually landed. There's a video out there somewhere (which I can't find now) that has an interview with one of the test pilots (a breed known for courage) describing the extreme difficulty he had during landing.
Posted by Eric on 04/26/15 at 09:50 AM
It looks like a spaceship.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 04/26/15 at 08:25 PM
Also known to wash whites whiter and colours brighter.
Posted by Mick on 04/26/15 at 08:54 PM

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