The Geography of Madness

The notion of Koro, or supernatural penis theft, is practically a NOTW trademark. I'm pretty sure I first learned about this delusion from Chuck about thirty years ago.

Now we can learn even more, thanks to a new book which covers this exotic madness, plus many others.

From the publisher's site:

"The Geography of Madness is an investigation of 'culture-bound' syndromes, which are far stranger than they sound. Why is it, for example, that some men believe, against all reason, that vandals stole their penises, even though they’re in good physical shape? In The Geography of Madness, acclaimed magazine writer Frank Bures travels around the world to trace culture-bound syndromes to their sources–and in the process, tells a remarkable story about the strange things all of us believe."

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Jun 30, 2016
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Where do you suppose my belief that robots at the airport are stealing my luggage fits in?

All kidding aside, I really like the "fan death" myth - it reminds me of some things that Grandma Bragg would tell me when I was a wee lad. Grandma was a firm believer in anything published in the National Enquirer.
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Use It or Lose It!
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