The Prix Guzman

Wikipedia explains:

The Prix Pierre Guzman (Pierre Guzman Prize) was the name given to two prizes, one astronomical and one medical. Both were established by the will of Anne Emilie Clara Goguet (died June 30, 1891), wife of Marc Guzman, and named after her son Pierre Guzman. This prize was a sum of 100,000 francs, to be given to a person who succeeded in communicating with a celestial body, other than Mars, and receiving a response.

Did the Apollo 11 astronauts really "communicate" with another world to qualify for the prize?

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     Posted By: Paul - Fri May 31, 2019
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According to the rule of the challenge, it did not specify how the communication was to to be performed. So, the criterion of the challenge was met as I see it. I know, the thought crossed my mind was that Mme Goguet was probably thinking of Little Green Men.
Posted by KDP on 05/31/19 at 11:28 AM
Where was the “response that was received?” I don’t know of one.
Posted by Judy on 05/31/19 at 02:55 PM
As I see it, the astronauts 'qualified' for the prize by calling mission control on Earth and getting a response, but that supposes that Earth is a celestial body. Is it? I wouldn't have thought it is.

The prize probably should have gone to a radio operator at NASA who called the astronauts and had them answer.
Posted by Phideaux on 05/31/19 at 04:07 PM
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