The Upside Down House

Working on this house made the builders disoriented from the strange angles. People inside say they often feel seasick.

Ever feel your world is upside down? Maybe this house is perfect for you!!
     Posted By: gdanea - Thu Jan 28, 2010
     Category: Architecture

"A Polish businessman and philanthropist has built an upside down house to remind people of wrongdoings against humanity."

Posted by Salamander Sam in Chicago on 01/29/10 at 12:48 AM
I'm sorry, how is a "strange house" news!?! I'm expecting eagle-sh1t from Uncle Sugar next month and I walked through one of these when I was just about old enough to create lasting memories! IIRC it was somewhere in Tenn. or Ky.

GUILTY of plagiarism!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 01/29/10 at 01:39 AM
for another weird house check this out
Posted by odschneider on 01/29/10 at 10:00 AM
hey sam! how are ya sweetie? i'm glad you're back. it's a nice place to visit but i sure couldn't live there!
odschneider that's a realy weird house. the architects are nuts, they seem to think having a house where you are in constant danger of falling or getting hurt keeps you young. :shut:
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 01/29/10 at 02:37 PM
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