The William Stillman Award

Dr. William O. Stillman (1856-1924) was an early advocate of humane treatment to animals. He created "Be Kind to Animals" week in 1915.

Find an obituary and tributes here.

His name is also connected to an award which, oddly, can go to either animals or humans.

Here, the award is given to a brave dog who helped humans.

Source of article.

And again.

A pig won in 1984.

A cat won the award in 1997, the latest date I can find for the presentation.

Finally we see the award given to a brave human who helped an animal!

I like that any species of creature is eligible for the award.

However, the point might be moot, since I can find no evidence that the award is still given nowadays.
     Posted By: Paul - Tue Aug 15, 2017
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According to the article, the pig had eye makeup and hoof polish, but there's no mention of lipstick on the pig.
Posted by ges on 08/15/17 at 10:13 AM
I recall a story where a a dog was observed jumping into a river to help a small child who was in distress. It seemed that the dog hesitated as if thinking about the consequences of either self-preservation or saving the child. I think about that story often when I'm working with my two miniature Schnauzers - they may be goofy as all get out, but I'd like to think they would do what it takes to help me in a crisis.
Posted by KDP on 08/15/17 at 03:16 PM
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