Tinkerbell’s Mind

Bob Crewe had a master plan for the group, 'the Glitterhouse', who had been on his payroll for almost a year at the time that their first recordings came out. Crewe envisioned a one-two punch! Hit them with the 'Barbarella soundtrack album and then two months later, the Glitterhouse album, 'Color Blind'! Superstardom was surely around the corner at last for the now warehoused Glitterhouse. Big hits and big concerts? Barbarella' the single, did not happen for the Glitterhouse. The soundtrack album had some success but didn't seem to translate into any recognition for the band. The presence of the Glitterhouse was downplayed on the record and it seemed mostly a showcase for Bob Crewe and Charles Fox. The release of 'Color Blind - First Edition' was quick & quiet. A single from the album, 'Tinkerbell's Mind' made the top 50 in NYC, but died elsewhere. Any publicity was small indeed, and the band was never put out on the road or to play live. About four weeks after the release of 'Color Blind', when it was clear that the single had bombed, the Glitterhouse were taken off their meager salary, given no gigs and told to make do. Crewe had the band do some new demo's but there was also tension in the band. So, the Glitterhouse, attacked from without and within soon broke up and were readily released from their record label. One can only theorize about why the Glitterhouse were treated so shoddily by Crewe and his label. The Glitterhouse were a great live band that was never given an opportunity to play live. Crewe's company also managed them. Perhaps the label couldn't deal with a white sounding pop band fronted by a Black man. Who knows?
     Posted By: Paul - Fri Dec 03, 2021
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