Twinkies Art

Artist Nancy Peppin specializes in using Twinkies in her work. She sees herself as working in the tradition of Warhol. His Campbell's soup can art was her initial inspiration. Sometimes she makes art out of the sponge cakes themselves, and sometimes she creates paintings, photographic prints, etc. that feature Twinkies. Either way, they're her muse.

She's been creating Twinkies art since 1975, but thanks to the current woes of Hostess, she's been getting lots of attention recently. What I'm curious about is how she preserves the Twinkies to make sure they don't rot. Because that idea of Twinkies never rotting is just an urban legend. I also couldn't find any info on how much her pieces go for. [huffpost]

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Jan 28, 2013
     Category: Art | Food | Junk Food

The top one looks like a kid's school shadow box project. I don't get it.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 01/28/13 at 10:51 AM
A Twinkie may go bad but I don't think a Peep will. She may have to switch media in the future.
Posted by KDP on 01/28/13 at 12:08 PM
At first glance, I thought the top picture was an open casket funeral for the Twinkie. The casket lid does hinge on the wrong side.
She can still get Twinkies in Canada. In this case "so called FOOD" is better used as "so called Art"!
Posted by BMN on 01/28/13 at 12:27 PM
You can probably get a Twinkie to last indefinitely (though not tastily) if you can dehydrate it or shellac it. Hopefully she does something like that so that future generations can enjoy this art, and remember when Twinkies roamed the Earth. 😉
Posted by Calli Arcale on 01/31/13 at 01:11 PM
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