Uncle Sam Toiletries

I suppose if the USA could fall for hokum like Crocodile Dundee, then Aussies could fall for this line of "American" products.
     Posted By: Paul - Fri Aug 10, 2012
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There are all kinds of products like this. For instance, "Rice-A-Roni, The San Francisco Treat". It was actually made across the Bay in San Leandro and nobody I ever knew from San Francisco actually ate it.

The clothing styles look decidedly very early 1970's. I wonder what the Uncle Sam products smelled like - "Napalm In The Morning" or "Agent Orange"?
Posted by KDP on 08/10/12 at 09:44 AM
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 08/10/12 at 11:16 AM
Were these products sold down under the counter?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/10/12 at 11:53 AM
Perhaps you had to stand on your head to use them in the Northern Hemisphere, Expat.

Which reminds me of a joke: Does your nose run and your feet smell? Then you're built upside down!
Posted by KDP on 08/10/12 at 12:47 PM
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