VA Hospital Carnival Queen

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Jul 22, 2018
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How nice. I wonder if any of our modern youth even think about the veterans in care facilities. Presently my father is a resident of a Veterans Administration facility and the facility personnel do their best to keep them busy and entertained, but he tells me that any time they see a new face it brightens the day.
Posted by KDP on 07/22/18 at 07:33 PM
I wonder if this article refers to Veterans Hospital No. 37. I had never heard of a veterans hospital in Waukesha until reading this post, but apparently there was a VA facility that housed tuberculosis patients in that city up until about 1958. Information about it is here:
Posted by Fritz G on 07/23/18 at 06:53 AM
Hello, Nurse!
Posted by Richard Bos on 07/29/18 at 04:57 AM
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