Weirdest News Stories of 2021

According to, the weirdest news story of 2021 was that one about the hiker who, lost for 24 hours on a mountain in Colorado, ignored the repeated phone calls from rescuers because he didn't recognize the number. He eventually made it to safety on his own. [NY Post]

Some more stories from their list:

  1. California condors are very rare, but 10% of them are trashing this woman's house []
  2. Cheeky cow goes for a ride on a water slide after escaping slaughterhouse []
  3. Bishop steps down after falling in love with satanic-themed erotica author [NY Post]
  4. In Argentina, capybaras have infiltrated one of the richest gated communities... have destroyed manicured lawns, bitten dogs and caused traffic accidents [The Guardian]
  5. Saudi Arabia banned 40 camels from a camel beauty contest for allegedly having touch-ups like Botox and fillers [The Guardian]
  6. "When an eel climbs a ramp to eat squid from a clamp, that's a moray" [NY Times]
  7. Shakira says "people were just watching" and not "doing anything" when her bag was stolen by wild boars in Barcelona []
  8. Italian man tries to dodge Covid vaccine wearing fake arm [BBC News]
  9. Nun caught dancing with skeleton next to graveyard []
     Posted By: Alex - Fri Dec 31, 2021
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For a variation on number one, I loved the story of the guy who joined his own search party.
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/01/22 at 06:32 AM
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