What is the world’s largest work of art?

It's a question I've wondered about before. (I once posted about it on the Museum of Hoaxes.) The possible record holders include:

1) a 1½ mile-wide eye created by Tom Van Sant in the Mojave Desert back in 1996 1980. It was made by placing mirrors in the desert whose reflection could be seen by a satellite passing overhead.

2) A 7-mile-long pencil drawing created by thousands of volunteers on an 800-pound roll of paper back in 1991.

But there's a new challenger. An artist calling himself "Ando" created a sketch that occupies 4 million square meters of desert in the Australian Outback. It shows a Stockman (an Australian Cowboy). He calls it "Mundi Man" and claims it's the largest work of art.

Four million square meters would be about 1.2 miles in length on each side, which would make it smaller than Van Sant's eye. So I don't think Ando does hold the record.
     Posted By: Alex - Tue Sep 02, 2008
     Category: Art | World Records

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