When Cows Attack

An image I found on fourmilab.ch. I'm sure a cow could really hurt a person, if they put their mind to it. But being a city boy, I had always imagined them as pleasant, docile creatures.
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jul 16, 2008
     Category: Cows

It's probably a linguistic error I picked up somewhere, but I always thought that male cattle were bulls, and female cattle were cows.
Posted by Alex on 07/16/08 at 12:05 PM
Even the most docile creatures will get ornery when it comes to their young ones. Like me, for instance.

And yes, they may be the same species, but cows are not bulls. You won't see any udders during a bullfight or at Pamplona. Only cojones swing under those tails.
Posted by MadCarlotta on 07/16/08 at 12:15 PM
Ok... "cows" are female bovines. That was easy enough. But there are many, many different breeds of bovines. In the US we have (usually) Herefords, Guernseys, and Jerseys. These are all pretty well domesticated and pose little danger (noting Gary's exceptions). But, this poster was not found in the US and who knows what form of bovine lurks in the pastures beyond the fence?

:coolgrin: !!!! BEWARE THE UNKNOWN !!!! :coolgrin:
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/16/08 at 11:23 PM
seriously, what's the point of all that annoying crap?
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 11/02/08 at 10:06 PM
Jules - Maybe they are trying to take over the recent comments. I should've thought of that.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 11/02/08 at 10:27 PM
as soon as I hit submit I thought of that 😊
going to sleep now, tty tomorrow
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 11/02/08 at 10:31 PM
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