Why does Daddy look at television?

According to Redbook magazine (June 1951) it was because Daddy was a dirty old man.

There's more to television than meets the eye, to paraphrase an oft-quoted Tallulah Bankhead quip. Glamorous gals show up on the most unexpected programs. When Daddy watches "Super Circus" with the kiddies, he isn't looking for elephants. He has his eye on shapely Mary Hartline, who leads the band. And when he stays up late enough for "Broadway Open House," chances are that he wants one more peek at the overtowering Dagmar. He'll relax amid the profusion of acrobats, guest stars and trained seals found on every variety show, but he's on the edge of his chair as soon as the girls appear.

Redbook - June 1951

The article provoked an angry letter to the editor published in a subsequent issue.

Redbook - Sep 1951

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