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More Things to Worry About on Tuesday
California headline, "Men Sentenced for Setting Friend's Crotch Ablaze" ("Friend's"?) . . . . . At a Wiccan ceremony in Lebanon, Ind., a woman who was to plunge a sword into the ground as a symbol of thanks, missed the ground and got her foot (How does one miss "the ground"? "The ground" is a big place.) . . . . . In Kokomo, Ind., a Crossroads Community Church pastor, intending to make a point on "unity" by riding his motorcycle across the stage, accidentally plunged into the pews and broke his wrist . . . . . Among the findings of a Gov't Accountability Office report on the Indian Health Service: About $700K worth of computer equipment had been ruined by "bat dung" in a storage room . . . . . The scrap-metal market for brass has now dangerously provoked thieves to cannibalize fire hydrants for their (and I quote) "brass nuts" . . . . . Part of Beijing's all-court spruce-up for the Olympics (says the L.A. Times) is an online course in how Chinese should greet visitors from different cultures, e.g., "A]n American male [would be] received with a hearty clasping of the hands and a 'Hey, man, what's up?'" Today's Newsrangers: Tony Jeswald, Jessica McRorie
     Posted By: Chuck - Tue Jul 22, 2008
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First we had brass balls and now we have brass nuts. Wonder what would have happened if history could have gotten the two things together?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/22/08 at 11:49 PM
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